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In the Continue event the Parser checks whether it shall continue. By default it continues as long as either a fault appears or the document is finished or until the user presses the Esc button at an active application. However, the user also can program an abort condition of his own at which the reference parameter xbContinue is put to false or simply the Stop function is called.

If a transformation was stopped, the property Stopped is false.



property Continue : TContinue read FContinue  write FContinue;


TContinue = procedure (Sender : TObject; 

                      var xbContinue : BOOLEAN ) 

                      of object;



void __fastcall TForm1::TextEventsTransformer1Continue(TObject *Sender,

      bool &xbContinue)


  if(duration > 20)

     xbContinue = false;


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