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The example application demonstrates, that the use of several components of the TetraComponent package within an application is possible despite of the restriction to only one active component.


Here are some hints to the installation, actualization and the files of the example.


Text2Html.ttp is the predefined project. Texts can be converted in HTML pages with that project and the TMemoTextTransformer component. You can open the source text with


File > Open source text


Suitable source texts for Text2HTML are in the folder Text2Html_sources.


Alternatively you can load the project Wikipedia.ttp with


File > Open project


This porject converts formatted texts to HTML. Suitable source texts can be found in the folder Wikipedia_sources.


If you click on the View tab, the converted text is shown in a browser window. On the Html tab you can see the HTML text. Finally, tree structures of the parsed text are shon in the Tree window. For this, the text is parsed again with the TTextTreeViewTransformer component. (EnableAction is left true here.)


By the menu items


File transformation N:N

File transformation N:1


you can test the components TTextFileN2NTransformer and TTextFileN21Transformer..





The example shall demonstrate merely the use of the TextTransformer components, and not the TCppWebBrowser component: clicking on links doesn't lead to a reasonable result. The TextTransformer projects Text2Html.ttp and Wikipedia.ttp also are for demonstration only.


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