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The names of the productions or the tokens are the text property of the TTreeNode's in this tree. The data property of a TTreeNode stores a pointer to a position structure with the offsets of the recognized text sections. The corresponding sections of text are accessible by some helping functions:


   function IgnoredText(node: TTreeNode) : AnsiString;

   function RecognizedText(node: TTreeNode) : AnsiString;

   function SelectedIgnoredText() : AnsiString;

   function SelectedRecognizedText() : AnsiString;

For a certain node you get the text which was recognized by the token with the function "RecognizedText" and the ignored text in front of it with the function "IgnoredText". The functions "SelectedIgnoredText" and "SelectedRecognizedText" are returning the corresponding sections of text for the node, which is actually selected.

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