How to use a component

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All components have the Project property, which has to be set.


For the unprepared components nothing further has to be done: they get their parameters respectively with the call of their special Transform methods.


All the prepared components have a common Execute method. Your have to "prepare" such a component once before this method is called. That means, the special properties (input sources and output destinations) have to be defined.


Before the execution of a project it is loaded and compiled. This is done automatically at the call of the Execute method or the special Transform method. But it is also possible to activate the component with LoadProject and CompileProject explicitly and to control the success with IsLoaded, IsCompiled and the Active property.


Bei der Ausführung einer Transformation werden Meldungen über Fehler oder Erfolge erzeugt. Diese Meldungen können entweder über entsprechende Ereignisse abgefangen werden oder können aus dem Zwischenspeicher ausgelesen werden.


At the execution of a transformation messages are produced about faults or success. These messages either can be intercepted by the corresponding events or can be selected afterwards from an intermediate list..

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